Amuletum- amulet's are created from stones and other natural materials. The stones has it owns journey which start on the continent of America Central in Mexico. In a country where the energy is puding and where are close Conner with nature... >>


Our aim is to offer wide range of styles and combinations of materials to capture individuals design requirements. So for instance, if you have a special amulet in mind we can work together to create it.

We need to start with a selection of stone, material, style and colour. Once we arrange all proposed features we can then start crafting your amulet.

However, this being said, we are artists with specific style and technique and so if your request doesn’t resonate with our way of aesthetical thinking, we may not be able to create it.


As much as every piece of our jewellery is an original, they have individual prices. They range approximately from £20-£200, depending on chosen stone, technique, style and the time it takes to make.

If you have any questions, regarding our work or a price of a particular amulet, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to answer your question, to give an exact price on listed jewellery or to give you an estimate on your proposed design.

All our work is handmade and so we can guarantee its quality. However, we are all just humans so in case of damage we will happily fix it free of charge.

One thing we can’t take responsibility for is a damage of stone from dropping.



Tel.: 728 060 226 or 725 559 900

Email: info@amuletum.cz

facebook: Amuletum